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Ordering & Shipping

◦How do I get a scooter?

Orders can be placed online or over the phone for details on the whole process can be found HERE.

◦Where can I see your scooters?

We ship directly to customers and don’t have any store locations or dealers in the USA. All scooters information, pricing and media are on this website.

◦Do you have payments? Do you have financing?

Sorry, at this time we do not have direct financing. Please seek out a third party lender prior to ordering.

◦How can I pay?

A: Telephone orders can be placed with major credit cards or with branded credit debit cards. (Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, etc). Online order can be paid with methods of payment shown as icons at the very bottom of this page.

◦Can I send a check?

No sorry. Please see previous answer above.

◦Do you do CODs?

No, sorry we do not do CODs.

◦Does Medicare or Insurance cover your scooter?

No, with their specifications, our mobility scooters do not count as a required medical device like a wheelchair. Public or private insurance providers usually do not cover models as large and fast as ours, or if they do, it is a reimbursement after a claim for a purchased scooter is submitted by yourself. Please contact your provider directly for more information.

◦How much is shipping?

Shipping to most locations in the lower 48 states is FREE. Occasionally there may be an additional charge for shipping to remote locations. We’re sorry at this time we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

◦How much is tax?

As this order is being placed from a Canadian company no extra local sales tax is charged on your scooter.

◦I’m trying to order online, and it won't take my card. What am I doing wrong?

You’re most likely not doing anything wrong, the first step would be to try again and ensure that you are using the correct card number and billing information. If your order still declines, it is most likely due to account setup or security. Please contact your credit card company for more assistance.

◦How long will it take to get a scooter?

The time between placing an order and final delivery varies on several factors. Please see full details HERE.
All times are estimates only. For travel times, destinations farther away from our Vancouver, Canada warehouse will most likely be on the higher end of an estimated range.

◦Do they show me how to use the scooter when it arrives?

No, all scooters are delivered by a shipping company. The delivery driver is there to deliver your packaged scooter. They will not unbox, assemble, demonstrate operation or remove packing materials. At this time this is not an offered service, if you require assistance we recommend finding an acquaintance locally prior to ordering

◦I want to cancel my order, what do I do?

Orders can be canceled after it is placed, up until it leaves our warehouse for the full paid amount. Cancellations after an order has left/shipped will result in a refund less return shipping, restocking or rerouting fees. See REFUND POLICY for full details.

◦Do you sell used models? Do you take trade ins?

No, we only sell brand new packaged models to customers.

Warranty & Returns

◦What’s the warranty on my scooter?

All scooters include a 12mo parts warranty. No registration for the warranty is required. Your warranty covers any part defect, failure or manufacturing error, excluding general wear and tear items (eg. tires, brake cables, brake pads, etc) or issues related to accidents, incorrect use, improper care or modification. All warranty claims must be verified by our technician and in the event parts are required to resolve the issue they are shipped free of charge. You are responsible for the final installation of replacement parts, whether installing yourself or with the assistance of a friend, family, hired technician or repair shop. Labour costs for parts installation are not included with warranty.

◦Are the batteries covered under warranty?

Yes, batteries are included under warranty and protected against defects. Please note that batteries not properly maintained, stored or cared for as per the scooters instructions would not be considered defective.

◦Are tires covered under warranty?

If tires arrive flat, cannot be inflated and we contacted the date of delivery, it would be considered shipping damage and be covered. All other tire issues are not covered under warranty as they are a wearable part and also can be damaged with use. All current GIO Mobility scooters feature tubeless tires, so we recommend purchasing a standard tubeless tire repair kit. Most are inexpensive and have materials for multiple punctures.

◦My scooter has an issue and is still under warranty. What should I do

Contact our technical support at support@gioelectric.zendesk.com or call 1-855-907-4211 ext 2, with your order number and details of the issue. Our technician will help you with troubleshooting the problem and guide you to a solution. This may include testing to verify a specific component as the cause, an instructional video on a specific fix or parts shipped under warranty.

◦My scooter has an issue and is NOT under warranty. What should I do?

Not to worry we’re still here to help. In the event your warranty is up and you have an issue please still feel free to contact us. We’ll still do our best to help you determine the cause and solution but any required parts would need to be ordered and paid for by yourself.

◦My scooter was delivered damaged, what do I do?

As hard as we try and despite metal shipping frames protecting them, damages still have the possibility of occurring. Please allow us to resolve the issue versus refusing a shipment. Often packing is damaged but isn’t a reflection of the scooter itself. Refusing a shipment not only causes delays in a final resolution but may also result in additional shipping charges billed to you. In the event of damage at delivery, please document (photos/videos) packaging damage, then thoroughly inspect your scooter and document any damage to the scooter itself before contacting us at support@gioelectric.zendesk.com or call 1-855-907-4211 All shipping damages are handled via warranty replacement parts for damaged components.

◦My scooter was damaged. Can I exchange it or get a refund?

As the size and weight of the scooter results in large shipping fees, all damages or issues that are resolvable with replacement parts will be resolved under warranty as such. Shipping for exchanges or returns is not covered with warranty. Please see refund policy for full details.

◦Can I return my product?

You have 30 days to request a return with the following conditions. The product must be in its original packaging, the product must be in new condition and no signs of use, you are responsible for paying return shipping, or we can arrange return shipping and deduct the cost from your refund. Please see refund policy for full details.

General Product & Usage

◦Do I have to qualify for a scooter?

We sell our scooters online to anyone, whether you are eligible to use one of our scooters as a mobility scooter would depend on regulations where you live. Check with your local authorities to be sure.

◦Are your scooters street legal?

Most likely not. As they are designed for use as a mobility scooter, most areas would require their use to be limited to pedestrian spaces such as sidewalks. Additional areas of use may be legal where you live, check with your local authorities to be sure.

◦Do I need a license?

Most likely not. The majority of places do not require eligible users to require a license provided they follow local regulations. Check with your local authorities to be sure.

◦How big is the scooter? How fast does it go? Does it have…? etc.

Please refer to each model’s product page for full details.

◦Do you have other colors?

All produced colors for each model are listed on its product page and are subject to individual availability.

◦Can I get a steering wheel? Can get a lithium battery? Can you put on solid rubber tires for me? etc.

We’re sorry at this time all models arrive and ship with the features and specifications listed on our site and we are unable to perform modifications.

◦Why don’t you use lithium batteries?

Currently all our mobility scooters come standard with sealed lead acid batteries. Being less expensive than lithium batteries they allow us to provide customers with a lower scooter price, and lower costs down the road as separate cells can be replaced individually if damaged or defective. Lead acid cells are also safer in comparison to most current lithium batteries. As pricing, stability and customer demand increase our scooters may have optional or standard with lithium batteries in the future.

◦Why don’t they go faster?

Top speeds are limited to allow scooters to comply with regulations for mobility scooters in the greatest number of locations. High speeds would require riders in some places to have a license, insurance or limit where they can be ridden.

◦Can I operate a scooter with one hand?

The majority of our models come with a twist grip throttle and front brake lever on the right hand side and rear brakes on the left hand side that must be manually operated. In most cases this means regular safe operation is not possible without having a model modified once it is in your possession by someone locally as we do not provide such services directly. However our Tetris model has automatic magnetic braking, slower top speed and a throttle that can be operated with a single hand on either side is a more accessible model.

◦Do I need a special outlet for the charger?

No all models come with a portable charger that plugs into a standard 3 prong 120V outlet.

◦Which is better: 3 wheels or 4 wheels for a scooter?

Different spokes for different folks, we always say. It's not a question of which is better but which works best for you. Having an extra point of contact with the ground, 4 wheeled models do have extra stability especially in cases where footing underneath a wheel is lost. However, losing a wheel off the edge of a curb or in a pothole can occur, possibly causing tipping with either 3 or 4 wheels. 3 wheeled models will have significantly smaller turning radiuses allowing for better control steering and allow the scooter to be maneuvered in smaller spaces. Riders on 3 wheeled models do need to be more careful when turning abruptly especially at higher speeds to avoid tipping.

Technical & Troubleshooting

◦Who fixes my scooter?

While GIO’s warranty does not include hands-on servicing, we do provide technical assistance via email and telephone and many issues are either simple operation errors or easily solved by owners or someone they know. If you are unable to do so yourself or have assistance we recommend seeking support from a local scooter shop such as Mobility City.

◦Why is my scooter not turning on?

The breaker may be turned off. Refer to your manual for its location and make sure the breaker switch is set to on and that the scooter is charged.

◦Why is my scooter not turning on/off with the remote?

First ensure that the light on the remote lights up and if it does not replace the remotes battery. If the remote lights up but does not effect the scooter refer to the scooters manual to confirm it is being correctly operated, as most units lock into manual or remote mode blocking the other.

◦How long do I need to charge my scooter?

Your scooter's charging time will vary depending on how full the battery is when charging begins. Most models have a smart charger that will light up red when actively charging and turn back to a green light when complete. Average charging time is about 5-6 hours but will differ by model as well. Refer to your scooters manual for more details.

◦Can I use an extension cord while charging?

Yes you can, just ensure that the extension cord is the correct 3 prong style.

◦How often do I need to recharge my scooter?

Regardless of usage your scooter requires a full charge a minimum of once every 3-4 weeks. The scooter's battery will slowly deplete even when not in use. For best results, charge after each use and recharge the battery before it is completely depleted.

◦What is the recommended tire pressure?

The recommended tire pressure is 20 PSI for most models. Refer to your scooters manual for more details.

◦What maintenance does my scooter require?

Maintenance and care on our mobility scooters is fairly simple and limited. Basic things like minimum battery charging and checking tire pressure should be done monthly. Periodically checking for hardware loosened by vibration during usage is recommended. Beyond those basic care points and addressing any specific issues if/when they occur, the only other recommended maintenance task would be to replace the differential lubricant. We recommend this be performed every 3-5 years. (Varies with amount of usage, local climate, etc.) Contact us directly for more information on the process.

◦How long will my batteries last?

Whether referring to per ride charge or overall lifespan, battery discharge and overall life vary with a number of contributing factors. Overall amount of use, speed driven at, amount of start/stop, riding condition including terrain, slope, climate, and maintenance/care all contribute to a battery's performance. Current GIO Mobility scooters have a range of approximately 30 miles per charge and with average conditions and proper care have an overall lifespan of 2-5 years.

◦How long will my tires last?

With average conditions, tires should only need to be replaced every 4-6 years. Please note this refers to average tread wear and overall function and does not include flats or damage done accidentally while driving.

◦How long will my brake pads last?

Brake pad wear is caused by brake usage. Abruptly stopping at higher speeds or prolonged braking to control speed while going downhill may contribute to faster wear on the pads. Average pad life span is approximately 5 years.

◦How long will my charger last?

Chargers with proper care and handling do not have anything specific that would limit their lifespan. However charger failure can occur due to improper care or accident. Ensure to avoid dropping or other physical blows and exposure to moisture either direct or humidity and it can lead to damage of the circuitry within the charger.

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