"I like your scooters, how do I get one?"

A guide to GIO scooter's journey

Thank you for your interest in GIO mobility scooters! This simple guide shows the process from ordering to getting out and enjoying your scooter with helpful and important information.

Step 1: Ordering

Before ordering...
  • Checkout each model's product page, browse the digital manual for assembly steps, and ensure your scooter meets your needs.
  • Ensure your scooter fits your space. Check measurements of doors, elevators, etc.
  • Make sure your scooter's "parking spot" has a standard outlet nearby.
  • Ensure your credit card is ready. Check with your bank to see you're setup for international transactions (Canada) and have daily/per transaction limits large enough.
To place an order...
  • Option 1 - Order Online Go to giomobility.com, select your scooter, add it to your cart, go to checkout, complete checkout with all your information and pay with a credit card, credit card company branded debit card or online wallet like PayPal.
  • Option 1 - Order by Phone Call us at 1-855-907-4211 and we can place your order for you with a credit card or credit card company branded debit card.

Your card is charged in full and an email order confirmation is automatically sent by our system when an order is placed. This email doubles as your receipt/invoice for your order.

Step 2: Processing & Shipping

The time between placing your order and delivery at your residence is made up of 2 parts: processing and transit time.

Processing (Before it leaves our warehouse)
  • IN STOCK products normally ship out within 1-3 business days.
  • Scooters with NO STOCK currently (but due to arrive soon) can be pre-ordered to secure your unit. The widow for stock to arrive will be listed on these products, are estimates and subject to change. Once in stock, processing time is as above.
Transit (After it leaves our warehouse)
  • When your scooter is picked up by the shipping company an email with tracking is automatically sent.
  • Most scooters take an estimated 4-10 business days to travel to you.
  • Due to its size, the All Season Fully Enclosed Scooter has more complex routing and takes an estimated 5-20 business days.
  • You'll receive a call from a local agent to set up a delivery appointment prior to arrival.

Step 3: Delivery

On the day of your delivery your scooter will delivered crated by a local delivery driver. Trucks will most have a power tailgate to deliver models curbside and possible a pallet jack to deliver smaller models close to your front door, just outside your garage etc. Please note drivers are there to delivery your scooter only, they do not assist in unboxing, assembly, demonstration or removal of shipping materials.

If you notice damage to the shipping crate...

  • Accept the shipment and contact us so we can start the warranty process. Do not refuse the shipment as it delays warranty resolution.
  • Take pictures of any exterior damages to the crate. Shipping crates are there to protect your scooter, a damaged crate does not indicate that the scooter will be damaged.
  • Open and inspect the product, take pictures or videos of any damages
  • Contact GIO Customer Service

While we try our best to negate the possibility of shipping damages, they are not 100% preventable. All shipping damages are resolved with replacement parts, please be patient with us while we identify your needs and ship items to you.

Step 4: Your new scooter!!!

You now have your new scooter and will soon be out using it.

Your first to dos are:

  • Unbox your scooter and remove the shipping frame. It's often easiest to cut boxes along corners and flatten outwards. A second person to assist is also very helpful!
  • Locate your manual. Review the assembly instructions, operations, care tips and safety messages.
  • Assemble your scooter per its instructions and give it its first charge.
  • Ride & Enjoy!!!

Aftercare for your scooter...

  • All mobility scooters include a 12 mo parts warranty. This warranty covers any part failures, defects, manufacturing error excluding general wear and tear parts such as tires or issues caused by accidental damage or improper care.
  • Any parts sent via warranty are the owners responsibility to arrange installation. (Themselves, friend, family member, local technician, etc)
  • If you have a technical issue contact our technician via email or phone line (press 2 for tech support).
  • If you have general questions about your scooter, need help figuring out a feature, etc, contact our Customer Service via email or phone. (Press 1 or 0)
  • Customer Service & Technical Support Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Pacific Time and we'll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Not under warranty any more or have an accident? We're still here to help! If you have an issue outside of warranty we can still assist you. Technical support for troubleshooting is always available and we have a full parts department so its easy to get parts down the road.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us and we'll respond during office hours. (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm PST)


🖂 support@gioelectric.zendesk.com