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I LOVE my new scooter!! It was a painless delivery.I am very happy I chose Gio!! 10 stars!!

- Ronda H

Titan Owner

I got my Tron last month. Love it, love it, love it! Highly recommended!!

- Adam J.

Tron Owner

I got a Titan scooter last year, it's awesome! When I was riding in walk side, I found the scooter to be very maneuverable and fast, able to stop on a dime

- Ken P.

Tron Owner

- Patrick C.

Titan Owner

Definitely not a scam! The company allowed me to test drive the scooter at their warehouse in Richmond before I made my purchase. I'm glad I got it!

Tron Owner
Titan Owner

Each GIO Titan is built with safety in mind

GIO Mobility

Other Mobility Scooters

Nursing Scooters

LED Turn Signals

Safety Horn

Adjustable seat

Reclining Back

Safety alarm

Front and back lights with high and low beam for visibility

Remote fob for keyless start/stop functionality

Designed like a real scooter. Travel in style.

Half the cost. Double the features.

Ample Storage. Carries up to 440 lbs (200kg).

Travel for a whole day in a single charge.

A modern mobility scooter. Equipped with features that put safety and convenience first.


Gio Titan Owners Manual

Equipped with features to make everyday life more convenient

GIO Mobility

Other Mobility Scooters

Nursing Scooters

Storage Space

USB Port

Easy to Assemble

Reverse Mode

Travel Speed

Up to 15 mph

Up to 15 mph

4-10 mph

Travel distance on a full charge

30miles (50km)

13-20 miles (20-32km)

11-15 miles (17-24km)

Load Capacity

440lbs (200kg)

300-350lbs (136-158kg)

350-400lbs (158-181kg)

Geometry and Dimensions

Start riding a GIO mobility scooter today

Go anywhere yourself. Go Green. Go safe. Go in style.

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